SDI™ Point-of-Entry System (Whole house water purification)

Our patented SDI™ water purification technology provides a method to treat inlet water coming into your house from various sources like borewell or municipal pipelines.

The SDI™ system works as both a softener and water purifier.

Regular softeners require frequent regeneration, and when doing so release chemicals into the water table. This damages the environment causes corrosion in pipelines, and damages appliances.

SDI™ technology provides a water softening solution that is both environment-friendly and chemical-free.

You will not need water softeners or RO systems that require regular recharging and have a negative environmental impact like high wastage of water during purification.

Also, RO removes all minerals from the water which are beneficial for the human body. With SDI, the owner can decide to choose the mineral level (TDS) with the click of a button.



  • Minimal water wastage

  • Very less energy consumption

  • Tunable

  • No harmful waste discharge

  • Latest water purification technology

  • Long life

  • Modular

  • Plug and Play

  • Transportable